Zodiac HALLOWEEN Event!

Zodiac Admin 10.29.2017

# Event Period

29th of October 2017, (after server maintenance) ~ 26th of November 2017, (after server maintenance)

 # Event Outline

1. Collect Halloween Participation Stamp and exchange at NPC Halloween Witch
2. User can receive the Halloween Participation Stamp on Jack o Lantern and Park Scare crow monsters.
3. Stamps can be exchanged for items. See details below

# Exchange Items

5 Stamp - 1 Item Reform Card (Non Tradable)
10 Stamp - 1 Sealed Card (Non Tradable)
20 Stamp - 1 Dual Seaded Card (Non Tradable)
30 Stamp - Halloween Costume [7D]
30 Stamp - Halloween Ghost Rider Bike [7D]
50 Stamp - Black Devil Wing (Small) - Upgradable to Large Wing (+350HP)
100 Stamp - Golden Devil Wing (Small) - Upgradable to Large Wing (+450HP)


All items that are part of the halloween event will be deleted after the said period, and will be change for our christmas season event. Happy Halloween!