Zodiac Club Wars

GM Pariston 10.15.2017

What's so special about Club Wars in Zodiac RAN? Here are some information regarding the traditional CW added with some little things to make it more interesting.


- Guild winner will gain control on new maps like St. Power Plant, Lost City, Abandoned City and Forbidden City. This maps holds some new NPC who sells lots of new expensive items like new potions and soul weapons! so being the guild holder for 3 days will make you lots of profit.

- Every Wednesday and Saturday and automatic suryun will be activated inside the E-Room. This will be the reward for the whole guild and suryun will last for 1 hour / 7 monster waves. 

- Guild Point System. Note that this is not the Conqueror's Path event, instead we will have a monthly award given to the guild who has the most points acquired for the duration of  the month. Guild Point System and Conqueror's Path are both different events. So if we do have a Conqueror's Path in the near future, Winning guild will earn both points for the events.

Stay tuned for more updates on our game! More power zodiacs!